GOGO Point

1.       What is GOGO Points?

It is the points collected based on the amount you pay for tour packages under ZeroGO or V10GO.


2.       How to calculate GOGO Points?

Each RM1 spent = 1 GOGO Point earned.


3.       How do I use my GOGO Points?

Use the collected GOGO Points to purchase travel packages listed on V10GO only.


4.       How to redeem my GOGO Points?

Log on to V10GO.com to redeem by key in the number of points when you check out.


5.       Is there any limitation on my GOGO Point?

i)                    GOGO Points are applicable to packages listed on V10GO.

ii)                   The maximum redemption is half of the package price. For example, you have 5,000 GOGO Points but you can only use 2,500 points to redeem a package costs RM5,000 and pay the remaining RM2,500. However, you may purchase 2 x RM5,000 packages by paying only RM5,000 + 5,000 GOGO Points and the RM5,000 you paid will be converted into 5,000 GOGO Points.


6.       Will my GOGO Points expire?

Yes, GOGO Points only valid for 90 days.


7.       Can I give my GOGO Points to other people?

GOGO Points is non-transferable BUT you may award the package purchased with GOGO Points to nominated passenger(s).


8.       Can I use my GOGO Points to buy tour package for someone else?

Yes you may but transactions must be done via your account.


9.       Can I convert my GOGO Point into cash?

GOGO Point is strictly for purchasing travel packages on V10GO.com only. No conversion to cash is allowed.


10.   What if my GOGO Points is not enough to redeem my preferred tour package?  

GOGO Points is eligible to redeem up to 50% of packages usual price. Should your GOGO Points is shorter than 50% of usual price, the difference can be paid either by credit card or online banking transfer.


11.   What if the tour package that I have chosen costs lesser than my GOGO Points?

GOGO Points is eligible to redeem up to 50% of the package price. Keep the balance points for future use.


12.   Can I purchase tour packages that takes place in less than 6 months with ZeroGO plan?

At the moment only tour packages depart in/after 6 months is available for ZeroGO plan.


13.   What if my GOGO Points expired?

Do not let your GOGO Points expire of course! Plan another trip before expiry and get ready for another excitement because all expired points will be forfeited automatically.


14.   How do I keep track of my GOGO Points?

Your GOGO Points are available on our website under your registered account. Check your latest GOGO Points record and use it before it expires!


15.   What if there is no preferred tour package and my points are expiring soon?

Get a package for your loved ones. V10GO offers 10 new exciting packages every month. There surely is something for everyone. 


16.   Can I cancel my purchased package without forfeiting my GOGO Points?

All transactions made with GOGO Points are irrevocable. No returning of GOGO Points nor cash refund is allowed.


17.   Will I get a refund if I cancel my purchased package?

1.       All V10GO packages can be cancelled 30 days prior to departure date with a penalty fee.

2.       All ZeroGO packages are non-cancellable, non-refundable and non-transferable.


18.   Can I use my GOGO Points for other purpose?

At the moment, GOGO Points are only applicable to V10GO packages.